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Homeownership is apparently still one of the best ways to build wealth. The Year-End Home Sales Report from ATTOM Data Solutions shows that the typical homeowner who sold a home in 2019 realized a gain of $65,500. This is up from $58,100 in 2018 and $50,027 in 2017 and the largest profit margin since 2006. Todd Teta, ATTOM’s chief product officer said, “The nation’s housing boom kept roaring along in 2019 as prices hit a new record, returning ever-higher profits to home sellers, and posing ever-greater challenges for buyers seeking bargains. In short, it was a great year to be a seller. Profits have increased for eight straight years, and 2019’s typical $65,500 profit was a 34 percent return on investment (ROI), the highest in 13 years. Still, the year-over-year gain from the 2018 ROI of 31…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily