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When my Dad retired from the navy in 1962 after 20 years, he found a job through the Want Ads in the newspaper. I post jobs here, through the wonders of technology, nearly every day. But hey, why don’t you target veterans with your job openings? If you need someone, you can post on the Veteran Virtual Career Expo . Technology is also helping companies go public, as Angel Oak Mortgage did yesterday, the release of 2020’s HMDA data by the FFIEC, and in the moving ahead of home building. Utilizing Germany-based PERI’s 3D printer, Habitat’s Central Arizona chapter is constructing its first 3D-printed home on a lot owned by the city of Tempe. Not to be outdone, in Austin, Texas another 3-D house is being built with newer, “ more modern ” technology. Newer, faster, cheaper…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily