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How ‘bout some random Q&A for Hump Day? Did you know that almost 2,400 of your co-workers are already registered for the National MBA conference next month in San Diego? A company is working to bring back the wooly mammoth ? (What could possibly go wrong with messing with Mother Nature?) Do you have a cloffice ? What are you waiting for? For takeout sushi fans, have you ever wondered about the purpose behind that fake green plastic “grass” in your sushi box? At $18/hour starting wage, how many workers is Amazon trying to hire? How often do you compliment your co-workers or staff? Not often enough . Lastly, there was some Q&A in the audio version of today’s commentary, available here . It has an interview with me about the FHFA shift yesterday, and is sponsored…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily