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There are some clever people out there, especially when it comes to satisfying demand . Lenders know that mortgage pricing is a function of supply and demand. If one investor doesn’t want your non-owner loans, for example, some other investor will, whether it is a Wall Street private label or a non-QM investor. I mention this because the 25 leading U.S. banks curtailed loan holdings by 8% during the first quarter to $5.45 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve. Deposits rose 16%, to $10.13 trillion, giving the lowest loan-to-deposit ratio since data collection began 36 years ago. How about the supply & demand of odd properties? How does one obtain financing, or go to the bank, or have an appraisal done, on a lighthouse? Sea lovers should know that the historic Wolf Trap Lighthouse…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily