This week includes Juneteenth, a reminder of how slow news traveled in the past, as well as the Summer Solstice. Here in Hawai’i, in terms of daylight, the difference between summer and winter solstices is only about 2 ½ hours. (Compare that to 7 ½ hours in Seattle or 6 hours in Boston.) People are already in town for the MBAH yearly conference. With MBA Chairman Mark Jones joining us this year, as at other state and regional events some of the talk is bound to include state legislative and regulatory committee work, the Mortgage Action Alliance and MORPAC, advocacy and lobbying, and the MBA’s state relations committees. At the originator level, no lender operates in a vacuum. Here’s a very handy website for you to research your own company as well as your competitors; Just type in the name of the company at the top. (It’s lacking in niceties but is chockfull of origination data including branch data.) Today’s podcast is found here, and this week’s is Sponsored by Quontic whose mission is to help creditworthy borrowers obtain home loans and give them the “yes” they’ve been waiting for. Hear an interview with Lender Price’s Paul Orlando on the launch of Bulk Price API, new PPE features, and what he’s been working on as it relates to AI. Software, Products, and Services for Lenders and Brokers Attention loan officers! Are you struggling to earn in today’s volatile rate environment? With Figure’s platform, borrowers get cash fast without giving up their existing low-rate mortgages, and you still get paid! Many of the biggest lenders already offer HELOCs through Figure’s platform, so what are you waiting for? The borrower-driven application process is low-touch and fast, with many finishing in as little as 1 day. Borrowers can apply in as few as 5 minutes, verify income and property value online, get autopay and credit union discounts, and in some states, even complete an e-notary, all while getting a lower rate than many of our competitors. When you’re ready to become a Figure Partner, email Anthony Stratis.
Source: Mortgage News Daily