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Yesterday I decided to put thoughts of SRP values plummeting, and EPO & EPD penalties being enforced, out of my mind and get some exercise. My cat Myrtle had a mix of curiosity and disdain while watching me do my the 90-second yoga class on YouTube, which is about all my body can handle. “Come into the moment! Feel the energy flow from your ‘sit bones’ into the earth. Feel your heartbeat throughout your spine!” After the 90 seconds Myrtle lost interest and had begun to lick “herself” with ease, and I was ready to go back to staring at my computer for 14 hours day like I am now. I figure if I add 10 seconds a day, by the time we’re released from captivity I’ll be up to doing… seven hours of yoga per day. Namaste! Speaking of animals…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily