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40 million people have already cast their vote in the election is unprecedented. I can hardly wait to return to “precedented times,” “unprecedented” favored to win “Word of the Year” in 2020. Even the colors are unprecedented. When I was a kid, people would paint their room or house white. Maybe green, or a bold shade of beige. That’s all gone out the proverbial window as current house & room colors include Muslin, Foggy Morning, Rosy Peach, Beacon Hill Damask, Potters Clay, or Amazon Soil. And the “Color of the Year” award goes to… Aegean Teal ! (Go ahead and takes those gallons of Adriatic Teal to the dump, they’re passe.) It is more fun to talk about creative colors than the unprecedented debt being issued by countries…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily