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Black Knight’s weekly report on the numbers of mortgage loans in COVID-19 forbearance plans shows that a decline in those numbers of nearly a half million last week. More than 435,000 homeowners exited the plans, the largest drop yet. As of July 7, 4.14 million homeowners were in the plans which allow them to skip or reduce their mortgage payments if they are suffering financial problems due to the pandemic. This represents 7.8 percent of mortgage lenders and just under $900 billion in unpaid principal. This is the smallest number of plans since April 28. Some 6.0 percent of all GSE-backed loans, 1,678,000 in number, and 11.6 percent of all FHA/VA loans (1,399,000) are currently in forbearance plans. Another 1,067,000 or 8.2 percent of loans in private label securities or banks’ portfolios…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily