America’s national debt topped $30 trillion for the first time, according to figures from the Treasury Department on Tuesday. Why might it matter for mortgage rates? When one combines a record amount of red ink, an aging population, elevated healthcare costs, and a tax system that doesn’t bring in enough revenue to cover spending, and a government that has become known for kicking fiscal cans down the road, well, you can see why there are worries about the long-term economic health of the country. Ignore at your own peril. Something else plenty of people ignore is climate change, natural or manmade, until it impacts their business model and profits. Mortgage analytics firm RiskSpan has collaborated with Verisk to create a first-of-its-kind solution for measuring and mitigating the risks of climate change to the housing finance industry. Dismiss the impact of climate if you like, but when leading insurance, re-insurance, corporate and government entities, and investors in mortgage-backed securities are pricing it into their demand for assets, well, it impacts borrowers. “The risk to the housing finance industry from extreme events is significant. According to Verisk, 62 million residential locations are at moderate to extreme risk of flooding alone.”  Broker and lender services & products OptiFunderSM helps mortgage bankers simplify and streamline funding and post-closing activities to reduce costs. Now, the industry’s only Warehouse Management System (WMS) is integrated with Fannie Mae Connect™ Whole Loan Purchase Advice Seller API enabling auto delivery and reconciliation of Purchase Advices for easy LOS updates. It also automates funding & shipping requests, confirmations, and balance reporting to reduce hours of manual work to a few clicks. OptiFunder’s proprietary decision engine factors the various new benchmark rates and multiple dynamic elements to optimize line allocation decisions, while delivering aggregate business insights for all connected warehouses to the WMS dashboard. The industry is taking notice. OptiFunder supports 60+ warehouse lenders, is integrated with every major LOS and counts many of 2021’s top 100 originators as clients. Contemplating M&As, product migrations or increased competition? Want to streamline and save? Obtain the tools to optimize in 2022, contact Carmel York or visit
Source: Mortgage News Daily