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“All of our dogs think we quit our jobs to spend more time with them while all of our cats think we got fired for being the loser they always knew we were.” And when you combine dogs and Zoom meetings, here is what you get . I’m just glad that I didn’t waste my money six months ago buying a Day Planner for 2020. We’re in an environment where the brightest economists foresee a 0% Fed Funds rate into 2022, and the MBA expects a $2.4 trillion residential origination market in 2020. Homebuilders are beginning to offer incentives to entice buyers. D.R. Horton, for one, noted in its first quarter earnings that it hasn’t had to resort to price cutting. As Brent Nyitray points out, “For the most part, many builders went into the crisis without a ton of inventory…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily