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While in captivity it is important to have a hobby . “Dad, why is my sister named Paris?” “Well, uh, that’s because we were in Paris when she was conceived.” “Okay, that makes sense. Thanks!” “No problem, Quarantine.” Prince Charles, Jackson Browne test positive? Yup. People are adapting. Local strip club shuts down? Time for the workers to adapt and start a food delivery service . (Warning: Rated PG.) . Those “in the know” are talking about MBS REIT hedge fund liquidation reminiscent of 2008 . Investors are evaluating risk and adapting. They don’t need to entirely cut out a program to lower risk, right? Investors can lower the maximum LTV, raise minimum FICOs, eliminate non-owner loans or refis, lower maximum DTIs, change…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily