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This weekend we receive an extra hour of 2020. If there was ever a reason to end the time change, this certainly is it! Markets don’t like uncertainty, and nothing about 2020 has been certain (although this morning we learned two certainties: Fannie Mae’s net income was $4.2 billion for the third quarter of 2020, compared with net income of $2.5 billion for the second quarter of 2020, and Freddie Mac had a net income of $2.5 billion – nice!) The pre-election polls (versus Poles versus poles) were misleading in 2016, but many surveys are suggesting that Biden and other Democrats have leads. Who knows for sure? To have the election settled in a normal, democratic way would alleviate some of the uncertainty, and we know that the markets will adjust to whatever the election brings…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily