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Do you smoke weed? Have you been vaccinated against COVID? Too early in the workweek for those questions? (Is it okay to ask if someone’s been vaccinated against polio?) Some questions aren’t, can’t be, shouldn’t be, are too politically charged to be, asked. We don’t want to need a lawyer to have a conversation with a co-worker or underling. This one is a little easier: What percent of outstanding MBS (mortgage-backed securities) is owned by the Federal Reserve? The answer is 30 percent . That’s a lot. Smarter minds than mine opined that the $1.5 billion cap fear (remember that when it came to window sales?) was exaggerated. Fifteen years ago securitizing was normal, even if you were doing $50 million a month. The $1.5 billion cap per Agency window sale cap…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily