How will you always know that this Commentary is not produced by some AI thingy? Because of mistakes like yesterday, leaving Illinois off the list of top pumpkin growing states as several folks pointed out (thank you). Here are pumpkin stats out the proverbial wazoo. What autumn would be complete without this map of when fall foliage is peaking across the nation? While we’re on maps, the U.S. Census Bureau released an interactive map illustrating 2020 Census data about homeownership by the age, race, and ethnicity of the householder. The map provides data at the national, state and county levels and data from the 2010 Census for comparison. The Census Bureau also released the brief Housing Characteristics: 2020, which provides an overview of homeownership, renters, vacant housing and other 2020 Census housing statistics previously released through the 2020 Census Demographic and Housing Characteristics File (DHC). (Today’s podcast can be found here and this week’s is sponsored by TRUE. TRUE creates accurate data that powers automation and optimizes every step of the lending lifecycle, helping lending organizations rapidly process loans, dramatically cut costs and risk, and radically improve the customer experience. Interview between Robbie and Rob Chrisman on chatter from the capital markets and why people should tune in to their weekly Mortgage Matters video show each Wednesday.) Lender and Broker Software, Programs, and Services Not many lenders know this, but you can buy down points with down payment assistance (DPA). DPA has evolved over the years, and there are 2,373 to choose from today according to Down Payment Resource’s Q2 HPI report. What’s more, consumer interest in DPA is savage, and lenders who offer it have a competitive edge. Just ask anyone who originated one of the 2,300 CalHFA programs that disappeared in just 11 days. DPA is one of the best tools lenders have in today’s market and for the foreseeable future. Want to know how many homebuyer assistance programs are offered in your markets or to learn more about how Down Payment Resource makes it easy to support DPA? Schedule a demo with the Down Payment Resource team today.
Source: Mortgage News Daily