Numbers are interesting things. “1” is the number of dogs, that I know of, rescued by a drone dragging a sausage and leading the dog to safety out of a mud flat. “38.2” was the United States’ median age in 2018. (Yes, half above, half below… and it is up from 37.2 in 2010.) “$9 trillion” is the Federal Reserve’s bond portfolio which Federal Reserve officials are set to discuss reducing, and how fast they will shrink it when the time comes, which would serve as a tool for tightening monetary policy as the Fed tries to curb high inflation. “2022” is the year that Fannie Mae anticipates we will establish a new “normal” for the housing market. The top-level view is that inflation will remain elevated for the year, and home price appreciation will slow to the high single digits. Economic growth will also return to longer term trends. Expect GDP to fall to 3.1%, home price appreciation will grow 7.6%, and inflation will start at 7% before slowing to 4%.   Lender and broker products & services We’ve come a very long way since the invention of the first cell phone — a behemoth that weighed about 2.5 pounds and stood nine inches tall. But thanks to swift technological advancements over the past 50 years, today there’s no better way to reach your consumers than in the palm of their hands. That’s why FormFree is making it easier than ever for borrowers to permission verification of assets, income, employment (VOAIE) and rental payment history via smartphone using the Passport mobile app. When lenders text borrowers a link prompting them to download Passport, they can knock out VOIE and verification of rental payment history in a matter of minutes. Learn how you can help aspiring homeowners reach their goals without the troublesome paper chase by scheduling time with Gregg Palmer virtually or in person at MBA IMB.
Source: Mortgage News Daily