“I’d listen to their forecasts about as much as I’d listen to Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler dispense advice on monogamy.” Regardless of who this LO was talking about, predictions are dicey business. Thank you to Julie W. who sent, “Why So Many COVID Predictions Were Wrong.” We all knew rates would move higher, but not at this pace. And companies have reacted. Layoffs, reductions in force, cutbacks, whatever the politically correct term is these days, are not confined to lenders. Blend made headlines last week with its layoffs. (Resumes for those displaced can be posted here for free.) The drop in volume has allowed companies to focus on cutting costs and maximizing hedging performance and secondary marketing execution. Along those lines, today’s podcast, available here, features an interview Eric Connors, SVP of Product Strategy and Management at ICE Mortgage Technology, on the ICE futures contracts. This week’s is sponsored by Richey May, a recognized leader in providing specialized advisory, audit, tax, technology, and other services in the mortgage industry and in banking. Lender and Broker Software and Services Looking to drive revenue while interest rates rise? Referrals, whether they’re from realtors or past customers, can be a key source of leads without spending a lot on marketing. That’s why the experts at Matic Insurance, a digital insurance agency built for the mortgage industry, created a free guide to help you attract new leads from referral partners and past customers, create a great customer experience so your borrowers rave about you later, and market yourself as a choice lender across social media, email, and more. Download the guide here. Matic’s embedded insurance solutions were built for mortgage lenders and LOs. Through our network of 40+ A-rated insurance carriers, we help your borrowers save time and money by matching them with the right policy, making you their trusted advisor and helping you control the home insurance process, so you can focus on the loan and get clear to close, faster. Contact us for information on partnership opportunities.
Source: Mortgage News Daily