Let’s face it, women spend more time worrying about what men are actually thinking than men actually spend thinking. While capital markets staffs are checking out graphs of the Fed Funds Rate, and a steepening yield curve, MLOs of both sexes are thinking about bolstering their referral base: Realtors are for rookies. In the last several weeks, my travels around the country (currently in Tennessee for the TNBA educational luncheon… Did someone mention “Walking in Memphis?”) have resulted in mentions of tax advisors, wedding planners, dog sitters, vets, local gym owners, developers, plumbers, house cleaners, dentists & orthodontists, car dealers, and estate planners. Lenders and originators of every shape and size are aware of the demographics of their area, rents heading higher, so figured this might be of use: 61% of renters can’t afford to buy a home in their city. Put another way, the study showed that renters are now priced out of home ownership in most of their local metropolitan areas (71%) in the U.S., given that, per the study, the average home in the U.S. costs seven times the average household income. For some good news, CoreLogic tells us that mortgage delinquencies fell to 3.4% from 5.8% a year ago.  Lender and broker products & services Calling all industry executives! Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 7 at 2 PM ET as XINNIX presents a special live event featuring yours truly: “Beyond the Daily Commentary 2022: A Live Q&A with Rob Chrisman.” XINNIX Founder & CEO, Casey Cunningham, will be hosting this highly demanded session likely on topics taken from the headlines of my daily commentary with an opportunity to elaborate more on what is important to you. When you register, you can submit your questions for me to answer in advance or get online a few minutes early the day of the event and get your question in the queue. Either way, I look forward to talking to you soon. Reserve your seat today!
Source: Mortgage News Daily