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Yes, you should know that today is a date palindrome. Of course people in Ohio, and Florida, know that Key West is farther west than Cleveland . Utah is farther west than both, and sometimes, when everyone zigs, one person will zag, and with good reason (thanks to Ken S. for sending this very fun video for the romantically inclined). Regardless of where you live, no one wants to lose money. If annual inflation is running at 7 percent, and you’re earning, at most, 2 percent on your non-invested cash, or more likely 0 percent on your bank account, you’re burning 5-7 percent of your cash every year. How’s that feel? This isn’t rocket science. The 10-year yield hit its 2021 high of 1.77 percent several months ago. The 2-year hit its high a few weeks ago. The yield curve…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily