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How do you know when someone has too much money? How about when they pony up $16k for Tarzan’s 1932 loin cloth ? (“Gosh, if that loin cloth could talk…”) LendingClub is going to have less money to the tune of $18 million due to charging customers hidden fees despite its marketing material saying, “No Hidden Fees.” In his latest Musings , attorney Brian Levy points out that in LendingClub Agrees to Pay $18 Million to Settle FTC Charges , LendingClub’s own compliance people even told them it was a problem to do that. Always listen to compliance! And this West Palm Beach Man is going to come out on the losing end of this Florida mortgage fraud case . How about some good news? We rode out a recession last year. The National Bureau of Economic Research…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily