My notes from the MBA’s conference this week continue, including talk about new home sales being +4.1 percent for the month (+11 percent year over year, bringing a smile to builders everywhere). Although most of the focus of the conference was on the secondary markets (although let’s face it, there isn’t a plethora of new investors or products), the primary markets continue to be a discussion topic. Some lenders have seen LOs move into the broker world, some have seen them come back. The transition to being a broker is not always “rainbows and unicorns.” It appears to have better “top line” revenue but what about the “bottom line” when a shop has to pay for their own benefits, marketing, IT support, etc. (STRATMOR has a fine write up on the subject below.) Lenders continue to examine the branch model, whether it is traditional or P&L (revenue) based. The MBA defines an “expense management” branch. These have a high upside, as long as they’re compliant, and hire whoever they want. But cutting back is tough, and management has to do a good job of setting expectations. (Today’s podcast can be found here and this week’s is sponsored by Black Knight. From point-of-sale through post-closing, the company’s trusted loan origination system, Empower, as well as its integrated, end-to-end origination solutions deliver unmatched capabilities, functionality, and support to increase processing efficiencies and lower operational costs for lenders. Hear an interview with Aidium’s Spencer Dusebout on CRM differentiators and ROI.)
Source: Mortgage News Daily