The other day I walked in on Myrtle who was looking at the litter cleaning robot on the screen as if to ask, “What’ll they think of next?” Businesses and arrangements are always coming and going. There’s a new in-house appraisal product, noted below. Who wants to go in with me on starting a 2nd home company with a common-sense name, nothing foreign sounding. “Let’s Split It.” (Tagline: “Your Perfect Vacation Home Awaits.”) Wouldn’t “I Gotta Guy” be a cool name for a business? And useful? Call the number, they hook you up with a plumber who shows up, or a gutter repair person who is competent, or whatever you need. New companies are out there. Ever heard of “Calque”? Me neither until Morgan C. from Highland Mortgage pointed out “The trade-in mortgage.” Freddie Mac announced its newly enhanced mortgage rate survey. Progress Residential, with over 85,000 single-family rental (SFR) homes, is now the largest SFR owner in the U.S., surpassing Invitation Homes. The company has been growing at a rapid rate, accompanied by criticism and protests from tenants and community organizations for unsafe practices and problems. Yes, institutional investors once again buying single family homes. Along these lines, here are some great landlord stats. (Today’s podcast is available here and this week’s is sponsored by MCT Investor Services, which helps investors scale their seller base, automate the bid process, source whole loan and flow co-issue production, automate AOTs, and analyze performance all in a cost-effective manner. Listen to an interview with SimpleNexus’ Andria Lightfoot and Marine Bank & Trust’s Shaun Williams on executing a competitive mortgage strategy in today’s market.)
Source: Mortgage News Daily