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With the Fed content with rates hovering here for the foreseeable future , lenders can focus on other things. “Rob, are you hearing that real estate agents are nervous about Zillow’s business moves?” Of course. There are a lot of people who wonder why real estate agents, according to some, are funding their own demise. But Zillow’s stockholders benefit, right?! There is chatter about a Zillow program, started in Phoenix, where buying leads on Zillow goes away with 9 days’ notice and Zillow will demand a 35% referral fee from any buyer an agent closes that comes from Zillow for the next 2 years. And there are rumors of this going nationwide in 2020. Face it: Zillow is a fierce competitor that has dominated advertisers like Google. Industry analysts will suggest that real estate agents need to…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily