Why Join the NTXAMP?


The North Texas Association of Mortgage Professionals actively promotes the interests of Mortgage Professionals on local and national levels.  The Association’s affiliation with the national association is critical to the passing and fighting of legislative issues which impact your ability to conduct your business!

The Association provides education, certification, and government affairs representation for you, the Mortgage Professional..

Membership provides you with all of the products and services that individual member associations typically offer, along with other services specially tailored to the mortgage industry – such as our Mortgage Loan Originator referral program, consumer education outreach efforts, targeted legislative advocacy programs and up-to-the-minute news updates.

nambBest of all, many members can take advantage of two memberships for the price of one – local (NTXAMP) and national (NAMB).  NAMB, the leader in fighting for Loan Originators, currently maintains 43 separate state affiliates with more than 13,000 members, providing you with additional products, services and networking opportunities between NAMB and Local Chapter Associations.

If you’re operating as a Mortgage Professional, please know that it is only through your membership and support of these associations that they can continue to fight legislative issues on your behalf.