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Plenty of people tell me that I should “head down to Clown Town.” I never know quite how to take that. But now we have Zoom Towns ,” and thank you to Carol K. for sending this along. And I am planning on living in one since… it’s my lucky day! I just received an email which I cut and pasted stating, “I am Barrister Charles Anthony, I am contacting you to assist retrieve his huge deposit Mr. Alexander left in the bank before its get confiscated by the bank. Get back to me for more details.” I will be sure to reach out. No more staggering out of bed at 4AM! No more people reminding me when the quotation mark goes outside the period instead of inside the period! Speaking of grammar, why is there a silent “c” in indict, or a silent “b”…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily