Sure, Fannie had $5.2 billion of net income in the fourth quarter of 2021, but money can’t buy you love. Love is more of a chemical reaction than a statistical study, but computers don’t deal so well with that. But stats will tell you that apparently the best place to find love is Buffalo, New York. Lending Tree released a report considering seven variables, including median single-person household income as well as the percentage of the population that isn’t married, or lives alone, to help determine which of the nation’s 50 largest metros are the best for single people. Rounding out the top five were Cleveland, Louisville, Detroit, and a tie between St. Louis and New Orleans. MLOs know that because single people often can’t rely on a “significant other” to bring in extra income, they need to take extra care that they’ve got enough money to make ends meet… or make a mortgage payment so areas with low costs of living can be great options for singles. While we’re on costs, MLOs can add value to their clients by knowing The True Cost of Homeownership 2022. Homeowners say their house requires too much maintenance (40%), is too small or lacks features (32%), or they didn’t prepare for the hidden costs (30%). “With inflation on the rise, the share of homeowners spending over 40% of household income on their home has nearly doubled since before the pandemic.”  Broker & lender services and products “As forbearance exits become more complex, are you keeping up with borrower needs? Homeowners continue to transition out of forbearance, however, their delinquency profiles and needs change. Mortgage servicers ended 2021 with 705,000 active forbearance plans – that number increased in January! In other words, moving borrowers out of forbearance towards reinstatement or other permanent solutions is a process that isn’t going anywhere. Our recent blog looks at the industry’s forward-looking approach to the modernization of loss mitigation. Embrace seamless servicing with real-time, no-touch rapid results! CLARIFIRE® delivers bulk servicing, current API connectivity, prompt workout results, and sophisticated borrower retention capabilities, driven by interactive, scalable servicing technology, powered with dynamic, smart workflow. Don’t miss the opportunity to rise above antiquated systems and big-box solutions. Prepare your organization with a proven, modern loss mitigation workflow application, CLARIFIRE. Find out why CLARIFIRE is truly BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®.”
Source: Mortgage News Daily