As I head to Orlando this morning for business meetings, much of the concern is about Treasury yields, with mortgage rates tagging along, climbing to a two-year high. Loan officers and lenders can’t do anything about rates or the market’s servicing values, but they certainly can do something about technology and cost savings. (Speaking of savings, a friend of mine was fond of saying, “’Free’ is a good price, and you and me and other taxpayers are footing the bill for free COVID tests; all you have to do is ask.) During a recent STRATMOR workshop session, I heard Partner Jim Cameron state, “Outsourcing is the gateway drug to automation.” Every 18 or so months, computer processing speed doubles, an observation known as Moore’s law. A complaint that I hear from lender CEOs and owners is that AEs and LOs don’t even know what technology is available to them. “Educate yourselves on what’s available and then we’ll talk new software” they say. Education is certainly important: Forty-four state financial agencies, led by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI), have reached settlements with more than 400 mortgage loan originators nationwide who deceptively claimed to have completed annual continuing education as required under state and federal law.  Broker and lender products & services How can integrated solutions for mortgage origination and servicing transform your operations? Just ask VyStar, the largest credit union headquartered in northeast Florida. VyStar’s recent case study, “Lending Built on Innovation,” looks at the impact of Black Knight’s Empower® loan origination system and MSP® servicing system on the credit union’s digital transformation efforts. This report examines the digital expectations of today’s consumers, how innovative software can enhance the customer experience and the benefits of end-to-end technology across the mortgage life cycle. Download the case study today to discover how you can use Black Knight’s innovative origination and servicing solutions within your own operations.
Source: Mortgage News Daily