Today is “National Pizza Day,” a made-up day that wasn’t around when Jimmy Carter was sworn in as president 45 years ago. Back then the yield on the risk-free 10-year T-note was 7.40 percent and 30-year mortgage rates were 8.75 percent. Rates have bumped lower since 1981, but for the first time since August 2019, the 10-year Treasury yield is nearing 2%, reaching 1.95 percent this week. President Carter had housing on his agenda, and after the presidency went on to do Habitat for Humanity work throughout the United States. Recall that Habitat For Humanity came up with its first-ever 3-D printed house. I mention this because many lenders are concentrating on products to help buyers, and finding those buyers. “Rob, is there a database to determine how many purchase money mortgages were recorded in a specific county/area during a certain time period?” Marina Walsh, MBA’s VP of Industry Analysis, and the MBA is a good source, and she recommended, “The MBA offers low-cost options for lender rankings based on HMDA data through the Residential Originations Databook showing lender lists by state, metro area, and county. There is also the possibility of custom reports based on a company’s specifications, and members should contact Jon Penniman.” Broker and lender services & products Love notes and flowers are common Valentines gifts, but have you ever heard of vinegar valentines? Popular in the Victorian era, the postcards featured unflattering caricatures and insulting poems, which were anonymously sent to adversaries. Of course, you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar valentines. That’s why FormFree helps lenders sweeten the homebuying process for borrowers with AccountChek. AccountChek streamlines borrower verification by electronically collating direct-source borrower asset, income, and employment data in a single report. Additionally, FormFree automatically submits available 12-month rent payment history reports to Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service, so lenders can help renters reach their homeownership goals without the lengthy paper chase. Contact Gregg Palmer to find out how you can win borrowers’ affection.
Source: Mortgage News Daily