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This post will focus mostly on the charts, which many of you have requested, as I need to turn my focus toward a few other things (especially when it comes to giving you a more thorough and tangible piece to share with your clients). Long story short, mortgages totally suck right now if you're comparing them to Treasuries. 10yr yields are WAY through the floor of all-time lows and mortgage rates still haven't quite made it to September 2012's lowest levels. What's up with that? It's nothing to do with G-fees or LLPAs by the way. Fannie and Freddie's financial documents show us that things haven't changed that much in that regard. No… it's actually all about the thing that it's always all about! Specifically, THIS STUFF , or THIS , or THIS . On to the charts…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily