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With very little by way of significant data or events as far as financial markets are concerned, today's most interesting revelation will be FHFA's announcement of new conforming loan limits. We actually already know quite a bit, and it looks like the number should be $548,220 or slightly higher , but that wouldn't be confirmed until FHFA actually says so at 1pm. How do we know? FHFA states that the conforming loan limit is calculated based on the seasonally adjusted expanded quarterly HPI data for Q3 over Q3. We can find that number buried in a downloadable xls file on their site. Scrolling down to 2019 and looking for the "USA" numbers (as opposed to one of the census divisions that appear in juxtaposition) we saw the following at 9am ET this morning: At that point,…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily