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This week Joe Exotic did not receive a presidential pardon, nor did mortgage rates move much versus last week, but there are still over 16 million refinance candidates who meet broad-based eligibility criteria and could also cut their first mortgage rate by 0.75 percent or more, per Black Knight. But last night the world saw, at 21:21, the 21 st second of the 21 st minute of the 21 st hour of the 21 st day of the 21 st year of the 21 st century. How cool is that!? Instructor: “Welcome to salsa class! Who’s ready to learn how to dance?” Me, hiding a bag of tortilla chips: “Uh, there’s been a misunderstanding.” There’s no misunderstanding between CNN , Axios , the White House , the Federal Times , and the ABA Banking Journal . They concur that Dave Uejio…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily