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Fun with numbers for Hump Day! Numbers were behind HP’s decision to leave California for Houston. Thank you to Len T. who sent a great chart of the names of big numbers, suitable for the kids and anyone watching U.S. debt. Thank you to Brian B. for sending along the news that New York City doesn’t, for the first time ever, have a zip code in the Top 10 Most Expensive in the United States . In Hawai’i, affordable housing advocates are cheering the 572 acres going to housing where owners will be restricted to Native Hawaiian households who earn up to 30%, 40%, and 60% of the area median income. (There are 5,100 people on the waiting list for 60 units, some on the list for 30 years!) If you’re a music fan, you can buy M&M’s, uh, Eminem’s, house, for $3.7…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily