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For all you Romans out there, happy X/XX/XX. As we sail through October, are these the best quarters to be an originator, or a lender, ever? Yes. If you believe Fannie Mae, annual mortgage originations are likely to top $4.1 trillion for the first time ever, as there will be more refinancings this year ($2.6 trillion plus $1.5 trillion of purchase deals) than total loans produced in 2019 ($2.46 trillion). That would trump 2003’s $3.7 trillion, when some LOs were in 1st grade. Freddie Mac is thinking $3.6 trillion. Yes, we lagged earlier this year, but that’s an average of $300 billion a month, $70 billion a week, $14 billion a day. And this despite the primary/secondary at or near an all-time wide, which means that even if MBS prices are constant, rate sheets may improve. Regulators…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily