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If you watch the news long enough, you see all kinds of interesting things. Cracker Barrel is adding alcohol to its menu? Yup! And you must watch this clip with Stephen Colbert working out with, and interviewing, the Notorious RBG (“Is a hot dog a sandwich?”) a few years back. We watched Lee Farkas be released from prison after only 9 years. What are small independent mortgage bankers, and every other lender for that matter, watching? How about concerns and questions about loans with Agencies’ indemnification/recourse, that are now in forbearance, hitting the 120-day delinquency repurchase trigger ? My guess is that details are under review and you should ask your Agency rep for details, but if your net worth is $4 million, and in the next month you receive buyback requests…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily