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It’s Thursday and, thus, time once again to check in with the slew of mortgage rate headlines that typically follow the release of Freddie Mac’s weekly mortgage rate survey. Here are a few choice selections: “U.S. Mortgage Rates Fall for Second Week” “Mortgage Rates Continue to Decline” “30-year mortgage rates fall to 3-month low” And so on and so on… The only issue here is that they’re all wrong . Rates aren’t lower today, nor are they lower this week, nor are they at the lowest levels in 3 months. They’re actually at their highest levels in several weeks! You may be wondering who’s lying to you at this point, but rest-assured, there is no intentional deception. Quite simply, my claims above take TODAY’S rates into consideration whereas the more upbeat headlines generally pertain to rates…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily