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Mortgage rates ended the week on a low note (in a good way), falling in line with their best recent levels. This put some lenders in line with April 30th’s offerings which is a great place to be considering they marked the 2nd lowest rates of all-time. To see anything better, you’d have to go back to early March. In other words, today’s rates are essentially the lowest in 2 months. But as has been and will continue to be the case, that statement comes with caveats. While day-to-day volatility has died down in terms of rate changes, different lenders are still farther apart from one another than normal. There is also a wider discrepancy between top tier scenarios and those that are “off the beaten path” in terms of risk factors. Side note: “off the beaten path” can be INCREDIBLY CLOSE to the…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily