“Congratulations to the Kardashians on their 20th season. And to me for never having watched a single minute of a single episode.” There are certainly more important things in life, like the rising cost of homeowner’s insurance, and the changing climate. Manmade or natural, it doesn’t matter: If an insurance company won’t insure the area, if an investor worsens your price, or flat out refuses to buy a loan on a property prone to disasters, regardless of root cause, you and your borrower are impacted. The SEC will stay the implementation of its new climate disclosure rule as the agency pushes to consolidate the legal challenges that have already been filed attempting to overturn it. While lawsuits from more than 20 Republican-led states and various business groups argue that the disclosure requirements are beyond the SEC’s legal authority, the regulator still believes the rule is within its power to order. The SEC recently weakened the rule, including requirements for some companies to report Scope 3 emissions from their supply chains and customers using their products. (Found here, this week’s podcasts are sponsored by Optimal Blue. OB’s smart solutions automate critical functions like pricing, hedging, trading, and social media. More originators and investors rely upon Optimal Blue’s integrated solutions, data, and connections to support their unique business strategies, no matter how complex. Hear an interview with Experian’s Joy Mina on misconceptions associated with verification and advances in reporting technology.)
Source: Mortgage News Daily