U.S. travelers to Hong Kong have had better days, with Hong Kong banning travel from the U.S. Chicago schools (with over 300,000 students) have had better days as classes were canceled due to a union dispute with the mayor. In nearby Michigan, United Wholesale Mortgage (with 9,000 employees) has had better days as well, and, per this story, is under investigation for health protocol reasons. Good health (and a good work environment) is something everyone wants. Money too. Let’s face it: if you have money, other people want it. Here’s the latest scam out of Texas: parking meters with fake codes on them. Be careful out there! Some think that the IRS “wants” your money, but the Internal Revenue Service is acting on the U.S. Government’s directives and laws. Like yesterday’s tax tip about reporting stolen property as income… Many years ago I had my ‘79 Datsun 210 Hatchback stolen in a bad neighborhood in San Francisco… that is really a “punch in the gut” feeling when I came out of the house and it wasn’t there. The police recovered the trashed car a few days later (I’m sure the thief didn’t want to pay taxes on it, right?)  and I had the 210 Hatchback fixed back up. And no one wants to feel a punch in the gut when dealing with the IRS! (Today’s audio version of the commentary is available here and this week’s is sponsored by Real Estate Connection (REC), a boutique real estate brokerage that acts as a centralized and organized, fully-managed real estate fulfillment service, connecting buyers with local qualified Real Estate Agents and walking them through the entire home purchase and selling process with the lender partner.)
Source: Mortgage News Daily