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I’m gonna ask my Mom if that offer to “slap me into next year” is still on the table. It’s great to be a lender in 2020, and should be into 2021, but I received this note. “Rob, industry vets keep comparing 2020 to 2003 in terms of volume. Do you remember what happened in subsequent years through 2008? Lenders edged down the credit curve and investors searched for yield. Are we heading there again?” Good gravy, I hope not! One way to keep margins decent is to lower production costs, and the current STRATMOR blog is, “Work Longer and Harder, or Work Smarter” about how lenders are coping with capacity issues. Both Guild and Finance of America know something about costs, and both recently reported solid 3 rd quarter results. Recall that Better Mortgage…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily