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I work hard to live a very glamorous life. I mention this because yesterday, when I sent the Commentary out from the road at a glamorous McDonalds in Northern California (free Wi-Fi!), I noticed that the price of my usual glamorous Egg McMuffin meal (with OJ) has skyrocketed to $10.06 from $7.60 earlier this year! Not only that, but it seems that the portion size of the tasty “hashbrowns” and sandwich have dropped. At the “other end” of things, does it seem like toilet paper prices have gone up while the size of the roll has shrunk, especially compared to how big the TP holder is which serves as a constant reminder of how big the roll was previously? Price and shortage news is everywhere. Bank of America is hiring up to 5,000 people this quarter. Taco Bell announced…(read more)

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