As I head to Northern California, and mourning the loss of Meatloaf, I’m thinking, “Dang. I guess that I shouldn’t have put my entire 401(k) into Peloton stock a year ago,” a great combination of home exercise and technology. Brad Paisley sang, “…And I’d have given anything to have my own PacMan game at home. I used to have to get a ride down to the arcade, now I’ve got it on my phone.” Mortgage loan originators can’t do anything about interest rates, but they can do something about their service & technology they use. Technology is roaring ahead, whether you’re on board or not, and it is certainly roaring ahead in other, non-mortgage areas. Do you have your digital driver’s license? Using your face for a boarding pass? Try The Frostbite Alert Coat. The faux fur-lined coat has a patch on it that tells you when temperatures are too dangerous for your pet so you can prove to them it’s time to head inside. You may soon be able to taste the culinary delights from shows like Top Chef or The Great British Baking Show . Meiji University professor Homei Miyashita wants to introduce flavor to our screentime with Taste The TV. But be careful out there with technology and data! Venders and lenders, if they are responsible for a data breach and a release of customer information, need more than a short note of apology. As this article from attorney Phil Stein shows, the penalties can be huge and remind us that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (Today’s audio version of the commentary is available here and this week’s is sponsored by Sagent . Today features an interview with Tom Hutchens, Executive Vice President of Production for Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions on the non-QM industry in 2022 and the return of private money into the mortgage space. Sagent delivers the modern experience customers expect from loan originations to servicing with platforms that let consumers manage their home-owning lives from anywhere.)
Source: Mortgage News Daily