Loan originators spend their time making people’s days (unlike this film clip). Builders hope that they make people’s days, and I spent some time this week with building industry expert Ivy Zelman. She is very interested in watching the “build-to-rent” phenomenon, and sure enough… “Build-for-rent housing has boomed since the pandemic began. More than 6,700 build-for-rent homes were completed in 2021 alone, marking a record-breaking year for the sector. This year is set to surpass those numbers by a landslide… 2022 may see more than double last year’s completions, clocking a whopping 14,000 build-for-rent homes by the end of the year.” Meanwhile, lenders are always looking for more deals and more customers. Headlines talk about a smaller mortgage market in 2022 and how lenders are reducing head count to accommodate the smaller market. Yet, two thirds of potential customers did not transact last year. According to NerdWallet, only 16 percent of home shoppers could not qualify for a mortgage, the rest gave up. Interestingly innovation leading to more flexible options and lowering barriers to obtaining a home struggle to get traction at many mortgage companies and banks, even while demand for exactly those type of solutions sits on the sidelines waiting for the opportunity.  Lender and broker products, services Money can’t buy marital longevity, but it can buy you a trip to the marriage capital of the world: Las Vegas! Those of you attending ICE Mortgage Technology’s Experience 2022 conference March 14-16 can start your trip on a high note at the opening night wine reception sponsored by HomeBinder, a centralized platform that maintains an ongoing digital connection with homeowners as they manage their home value, improvements, data, documents, and relationships over time. Once you’ve had a chance to mingle with mortgage industry leaders and fintech aficionados over some free drinks, visit the HomeBinder team at exhibit booth 121 to learn how HomeBinder’s client for life strategy and adaptive home value tool can help you deliver unmatched value to borrowers long after the close. Click here to schedule a personalized demo onsite! Can’t make it to the conference? Email to schedule a personalized demo.
Source: Mortgage News Daily