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Annual Membership

Annual Membership


The Association provides education, certification, and government affairs representation for you, the Mortgage Professional.

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The North Texas Association of Mortgage Professionals actively promotes the interests of Mortgage Professionals on local and national levels. While remaining an independent entity, we work closely with the national association on legislative issues which impact your ability to conduct your business!

The Association provides education, certification, and government affairs representation for you, the Mortgage Professional.

Membership provides you with all of the products and services that individual member associations typically offer, along with other services specially tailored to the mortgage industry – such as our Mortgage Loan Originator referral program, consumer education outreach efforts, targeted legislative advocacy programs and up-to-the-minute news updates.

To better serve our local members and to protect the future health and growth of our organization, in November of 2018 the board of directors voted to take control of our own membership.  To that end, we changed the membership structure and pricing.  Whether you are a mortgage professional or an affiliate, we welcome you to join NTXAMP for an annual membership fee of just $99.00.  This membership is LOCAL ONLY, but it grants you member access and member pricing to all of our events and education throughout the year.

Members who also want to maintain membership inwill need to join NAMB directly at their website.  Please remember that under the new structure, NAMB membership does not grant access to membership in NTXAMP as the membership structures are separate.

The board has not split with NAMB or joined a different umbrella organization.  In reviewing the memberships, however, we found that many members are paying higher dues than necessary for national membership that does not really benefit them directly. The board’s decision reflects the direction of other large chapters throughout the state and nation that are putting the needs of local members first. This change allows us to offer a much cheaper membership option for the majority of our members who wish to participate in local-only functions.  It also allows us to better control our own funds so that we can improve the local member experience through increased training and events that directly help our target member—the Mortgage Professional.

If you’re operating as a Mortgage Professional, please know that it is only through your membership and support of these associations that they can continue to fight legislative issues on your behalf.

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