Start the day with a little something non-mortgage? Ira S. with U.S. Mortgage, on his time off, of course, found “River Runner.” One can basically click anywhere in the United States, and it will tell you, and your kids, where a raindrop will flow to the ocean. (No stories of you stopping at the Continental Divide with your drunk buddies, please!) This is cool technology, as opposed to ads that pop up on my computer from something I bought two years ago online. While on technology, here’s something else that anyone working with builders, or having a new home built, will find interesting: “Three Technologies that Buyers Will Expect from Home Builders in the Future.” Technology helped Zillow, which has never set foot in a house, determine that homes that have a front door that is either black or gray, can increase the home’s value by at least $6,271. (Today’s podcast is available here and is sponsored by Black Knight, providing innovative solutions that are transforming the industry and that help lenders of all sizes benefit from cutting-edge technologies and automation. Listen to an interview with Andy Walden and Gunnar Blix on record tappable equity in an equity-centric market.) Lender and Broker Software, Services, and Programs Inventions that help homeowners work smarter, not harder, are a dime a dozen. But for mortgage lenders, innovation that helps improve turn times while reducing team burden and trimming margins is rare. Luckily, Freddie Mac’s recent enhancement to Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM) asset and income modeler (AIM) is a game-changer, enabling lenders to automatically satisfy 10-day pre-closing verification (10-day PCV) requirements using asset or payroll data from approved providers like FormFree’s AccountChek. Lenders who opt into the initiative can curtail the need to request verbal, email, or written reverification of employment (RVOE) saving on RVOE time and costs. Automated 10-day PCV powered by FormFree became available to all Freddie Mac Single-Family Sellers on June 1. Don’t delay! Be among the first to enjoy the cost-saving benefits of this groundbreaking initiative.
Source: Mortgage News Daily