We began 2022 thinking that this might be the “Year of Non-QM.” The product certainly has its advantages for some borrowers, and lenders & investors. And then First Guaranty and Sprout vanished, and the herd of lenders was spooked, began talking about March of 2020 when some investors backed away from the market, and everyone was reminded to never have only one “take out” for a given loan or product. And then the headline yesterday: “SEC Charges Angel Oak Capital Advisors with Misleading Investors in $90 Million Fix-and-Flip Securitization.” Meanwhile, the industry is watching inflation numbers yesterday and today. One way to fight inflation is for a food supplier to put four tomatoes in a box that held five in the past. And don’t get me started on restaurant portions: higher prices and smaller portions have caught the attention of Consumer Affairs. Know that since the CPI report yesterday, Fed speakers have been quick to temper excitement around the numbers and have been reminding the market that inflation is still a very big issue. (Available here, this week’s podcast is sponsored by SimpleNexus, an nCino company and award-winning developer of mobile-first technology for the modern mortgage lender. Today’s has an interview with Interview with Jason Biegel, COO of Change Lending’s residential lending division, on “Securitization 101” and the capabilities it affords.) Broker and Lender Services, Programs, and Software The Wonder Twins of mortgage lending, Sales Boomerang’s borrower intelligence and Mortgage Coach’s lead conversion capabilities combine to help lenders reach their profit goals in any market. For example, Mortgage Coach’s interactive loan comparisons have helped Churchill Mortgage advisors provide heightened consultative service and boost bottom-line KPIs for years. Just ask Churchill’s Tennessee District Manager Kevin Watson, who credits Mortgage Coach for increasing production pull-through in his region by more than 10% just one year post-implementation: “The uptick in closing ratios we’ve experienced since implementing Mortgage Coach speaks to the way that informing borrowers of their options really increases their confidence in doing business with us.” See how Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach’s best-in-class technologies can supercharge your lead conversion.
Source: Mortgage News Daily