While lenders are grappling with steadily increasing Agency repurchase requests, it’s National Donut Day! Someone had better offer those folks at State Farm Insurance a donut… maybe they’ll change their mind about cutting off insuring properties in California. Three thousand miles away, I wonder if Florida home owners should be happy of even having insurance despite it being four times cost of the national average. And good luck insuring anything built near the coast prior to 1992’s Hurricane Andrew. While we’re on the topic of Mother Nature and economics, it’s fine for the Biden Administration, or any politician, to call for more affordable housing, but what about where’s there’s no land or a community limiting development due to running out of water like in Phoenix!? (Today’s podcast can be found here and this week’s is sponsored by Lenders One, one of the largest mortgage co-ops in the country with a diverse mix of 250+ member companies and providers of an end-to-end solution independent mortgage professionals trust to drive profitability and growth. Listen to an interview with nCino’s Ali Maquet and Brett Dooies on why experience-driven automation should matter to financial institutions.) Lender and Broker Products, Software, and Services It’s time to schedule your firm’s 2023 MERS Annual Review and e-Annual Report with TENA! Every MERS member is required to complete a MERS Annual Review. If on March 31, 2023, your firm’s count of active MINs was 1,000 or more, then the 2023 MERS Annual Review for your firm must be completed by an independent third party, with the results submitted to MERS not later than December 31st. For significant savings, sign up early for a MERS Annual Review and provide TENA with all of the necessary documentation by August 31st. Avoid the last-minute rush! To ensure that your firm is in compliance, contact TENA today to initiate your firm’s 2023 MERS Annual Review. TENA also offers a full range of MERS reviews, including MERS Data Reconciliation and MERS Document Reviews. TENA Companies, Inc. has been the mortgage industry’s trusted source for Mortgage Quality Control Audit Services and Software since 1982.
Source: Mortgage News Daily