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I know that plenty of folks at United Wholesale read this commentary, and the company is in the news about a merger that will take UWM public valuing it at $16 billion. Perhaps Bruce Springsteen reads this commentary, perhaps not, but he turns 71 today so Happy Birthday Boss! Out of curiosity, what does $500,000 buy, home-wise, in some of the cities and towns he has included in his songs, for the $1,700 monthly payment on a $400,000 loan (yes, I know a buyer doesn’t need to put 20 percent down!)? Let’s start with Lincoln , Nebraska, from “Nebraska” . ( This place is nice too.) Let’s head out to California with a “ bourgeois house in the Hollywood Hills from “57 Channels (and nothing on) .” Across the nation, on the “Streets of Philadelphia”…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily