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Want an estimate of how many borrowers might be out there, benefitting from your assistance by you giving them a lower rate (assuming they, and the property, qualify, of course)? Go to page 11 of Black Knight’s report . Is “oodles and oodles” a real number? Woe to any investor who paid 105 four months ago for a loan that is about to prepay at 100. Why should they pay 104 now? Volumes & margins are rock-solid out there. Informa Financial Intelligence tells us June mortgage rate-lock volume increased 73% YoY and 27% MoM across all channels, while funded volume increased 54% YoY and 18% MoM. In the retail channel, lock volume increased 70% YoY and 22% MoM, while funded volume increased 76% YoY and 15% MoM. Average 30-year conforming FRM funded loan note rates have fallen…(read more)

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Source: Mortgage News Daily