Anyone born around this time is a Capricorn, and if you believe in horoscopes, they are the most patient and careful, and they are down-to-earth for everything. The broad stroke feature of them is adamancy: they tend to hold on to their own views and never give up before achieving the goal. I like to believe that the goal of nearly every lender is to do more volume in a compliant manner, and the volume part is going to become tougher. According to Curinos, December 2021 mortgage rate-lock volume was down 40% YoY and 17% MoM across all channels, while funded volume decreased 25% YoY and 6% MoM. In the Retail channel, lock volume decreased 37% YoY and 17% MoM, while funded volume was down 25% YoY and 6% MoM. (Curinos sources a statistically significant data set directly from lenders to produce these benchmark figures. Drill deeper into this data here.) Farther up the food chain, do you think it is just your imagination that active real estate listings are down? Nope. The St. Louis Federal Reserve shows us in a nice graph. Speaking of real estate, today’s audio version of the commentary is available here and this week’s is sponsored by Real Estate Connection (REC). Today’s features an interview with Brian Coester, CEO of Real Estate Connection on his entrepreneurial ways and serving the real estate industry. REC connects buyers with local qualified Real Estate Agents and walks them through the entire home purchase and selling process with the lender partner. Broker and Lender Services and Products
Source: Mortgage News Daily