As many from the conference fly home, there was a lot of information flying around the conference this week. (Check out the climate and catastrophe notes below). My son Robbie and I had the pleasure of sitting with the co-founders of nonprofit CapitalW Collective, Amy Creason, Pat Peters, and Leslie Winick, while in New York this week for the MBA Secondary. They’re on a mission to create a more inclusive and dynamic mortgage capital market through the Collective, looking to engage with everyone in our industry. But all is not peachy. The CFPB is very interested in more details on the rising costs associated with obtaining credit reports, per Director Chopra. “In many cases, a handful of firms have cornered the market, allowing those companies to levy a tax on every mortgage application or transaction in the country… The result is that mortgage lenders can evaluate fewer applicants, and homeowners end up eating higher costs, typically at closing.” No one wants to hear the term “price gouging” regarding their product, but credit folks heard it. (Found here, this week’s podcasts are Sponsored by Truv. Truv lets applicants verify income, employment, assets, insurance, and switch direct deposits. Unlock the power of open finance, with Truv. Today’s features an interview with new Figure Technology Solutions CEO Michael Tannenbaum on the evolution of the HELOC and 2nd Lien space in mortgage.) Lender and Broker Software, Products, and Services Industry Update: Usherpa, the original mortgage enterprise CRM technology, has enhanced its strategic partnership with MortgageFlex, one of the industry’s original mortgage technology developers and creator of the MortgageFlexONE LOS. Usherpa’s SmartCRM is the exclusive marketing automation and Relationship Engagement Platform to be connected to MortgageFlex Loan Origination System (LOS). MortgageFlex offers the industry’s only cloud-native unified technology platform for both origination and servicing. When combined with Usherpa’s sophisticated Relationship Engagement Platform, the partnership is a perfect pairing that wins lenders more business. Read the official press release here.
Source: Mortgage News Daily