I flew into San Diego yesterday for the MCT Exchange, and it is hard not to notice the number of boats in the harbor. For some quick “fun with numbers” on recreational boating: The U.S. state of Florida has the highest number of registered recreational boating vessels in 2020, with almost 959 thousand, closely followed by California. Hawai’i has half as many as Wyoming. In contrast, the District of Columbia had the smallest number of registered boating vessels, with just over two thousand in 2020. Keeping with the “numbers” theme, I receive my share of questions regarding mortgage-backed security statistics. Anyone doing research on them should check out FINRA’s Reporting of Mortgage and Asset Backed Securities (Securitized Products), a little dry but packed with information. I mention this because, as we know, soon the Fed is scheduled to stop buying MBS every week, and for those of you who like graphs, here is the link to the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. Yikes! (Today’s audio version of the commentary is available here and this week’s is sponsored by CWDL, providing industry-specific audit, accounting, and tax solutions that help you better understand the present so you can plan for the future. See what’s possible with CWDL. Today’s features an interview with Justin Demola, President of Lenders One, on how collaboration helps those in the industry.) Lender and Broker Products and Services PNC Bank partners with ActiveComply for social media compliance! Created for the financial industry, by the financial industry, ActiveComply is an industry-specific social media monitoring platform that collates social media for IMBs, banks, credit unions, & more. ActiveComply monitors profiles and post content 24/7 to ensure compliance and protect brand reputation. PNC saw an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to technology and innovation by adding this cloud-based solution to its tech stack. Learn more about how ActiveComply helps you engage with social media safely and meet your compliance and archival requirements by scheduling a personalized demonstration today!
Source: Mortgage News Daily